Day: February 25, 2019

international kindergarten hong kong

Best About International Kindergarten Hong Kong

Education is the key to inculcate moral values among children. Children are like clay and they can be molded easily so it is very important to ensure that they are shaped in a good way. Potter is the teacher who guides them and makes them responsible. Therefore, international kindergarten hong kong works towards a child’s development by a customized curriculum, assisting creativity and build critical thinking skills. It welcomes children from six months to six years and initiates learning among them. It has a good curriculum with a variety of culture, background, and languages for diversification. It believes in the low student to teacher ratio that helps to focus on each and every child and encourage them towards learning.

international kindergarten hong kong

Programs conducted

There are immense numbers of programs conducted to develop thinking skills among children. It distinguishes the activities according to the age groups. Infant activity group activity is conducted for children reaching six months. For the age group of one to two years, toddler activities are conducted. The nursery has two to three-year-old kids and kindergarten has three to years old children. There are other programs such as extended program, an enrichment program that are undertaken. To ensure that the child learns in a better manner international preschool hong kong has a process of assessment that displays the child’s development and growth. They focus on the child’s unique abilities and transform them for creativity and strengthening the same. It is not confined to prepare the students for primary learning but also for future academic steps and ways to succeed.

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