Leading a Business – The Art of Leadership

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Leading a Business – The Art of Leadership

Posted OnOctober 27, 2018 0

It’s an art, a gift, an often-innate ability. Having the profile of a leader is a generally natural disposition that goes hand in hand with the deep nature of a person. But, like any art that respects itself, it is also a discipline that can be learned. Some key criteria to master to be a leader of men. Visit this link for income tax return hong kong.

3 points to respect to win as a boss

Always try to balance

This is the basis of any leader / subordinate relationship. Without leadership from the leader, the report is, at best, unbalanced and, at worst, reversed. So be sure to maintain this balance of power, without ever disrespecting your employees. All of this is to reserve the final decision-making power, without ever taking away from your employees their right to express their disagreement or simple point of view.

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Manage conflicts very carefully

It is a delicate but crucial aspect of leadership. Conflicts are not necessarily managed by improvising judge of a dispute. It is quite possible to anticipate conflicts if you maintain constant communication with your employees.

Be sure to ask about the progress of the projects you give them, or simply their general mood during casual conversations. If you keep this type of contact, your employees will be able to express their frustration or bad feelings well before it becomes a conflict.

Reward / punish according to situation

Do this without losing the respect of your employees. Impossible mission? Not really. If you do not fail to reward an employee at its fair value on the occasion of a success, he will not see a possible sanction as an injustice, but rather as an objective treatment of his mistake.

It’s all about being objective and firm.